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Areola 3D
Scarring from breast infection can damage the breast’s appearance. With Areola 3D, such issues can be solved perfectly.
Downtime is close to nothing. Get back to your life routine soon after the treatment session.
Boost your confidence and bring back that natural breast looks today
Breast cancer is a leading cause of lost nipple amongst women. Through Areola 3D services, an artificial nipple can help such cancer survivors to get a replacement nipple for the lost one.
Areola Reconstruction Tattooing

Nipple-Areola reconstruction tattooing is creating an artificial nipple with pigments inserted into the skin via needles. Areola reconstruction tattoo s are three-dimensional and can produce a realistic-looking areola with depth and dimension but are flat to the touch. If you have had a mastectomy that resulted in one or both of your nipples removed, then you can opt for the areola reconstruction tattoo.

SMP artists at Ink Scalp Goddess are professionals at creating the nipple and areola, which is the dark area surrounding the nipple. Those who have had their breasts reconstructed also find 3D nipple reconstruction tattoo after breast reconstruction to be a final step in recovering their pre-surgery looks. The choice lies with the patient, and more often, they make it for cosmetic purposes.

Nipple-areola tattooing is a good option because it is not as invasive as other methods and has the potential for long-term cosmetic benefits. Tattooing the areola allows for the best possible cosmetic result because scars from tattooing can fade and become undetectable with time. Additionally, the permanent ink used to create this type of tattoo does not contain toxic ingredients so there’s no risk of skin reaction or allergic reaction like there would be with traditional methods. Not only is nipple-areola tattooing a good option because it is less invasive, but it also offers an alternative to people who may not be able to use traditional methods. People who are unable to undergo traditional breast reconstruction surgery may still be able to use this treatment.

Nipple and Areola Enhancement Risks

There are certain health risks associated with nipple enhancement and tattoos, and not every patient is a suitable candidate for the procedure. If the radiation treatments have damaged the skin on your breast after the mastectomy, then you should not take the risk. Those who have lymphedema involving the chest area or suffered from previous infections on their breasts could expose themselves to future conditions. The after-care instructions for 3D nipple reconstruction are precise and require gentle washing and the application of antibacterial ointment.

Benefits of 3D Nipple Tattoos

There are some advantages of choosing the 3D nipple tattoos after your breast reconstruction surgery.
The non-surgical procedure with no permanent scarring
Faster healing time and easier after-care
Option to add details in the nipple and areola coloring, which is not possible with reconstruction surgery

The areola reconstruction tattoo around the nipple looks as natural as the original nipple. They appear to protrude even though they are flat. At Ink Scalp Goddess, we use our skills to make them very realistic, and people cannot tell the difference.

Nipple tattoos for cancer survivors are also used to cover up scars left behind after the surgery and help patients transition back to normalcy by aesthetically enhancing the appearance of their breasts.

Another aspect of areola reconstruction tattoo after breast reconstruction, which some may consider a drawback is the lack of physical dimension. Some women are glad they do not have to worry about their nipples showing through their clothes and can even skip wearing bras.

About Your Nipple and Areola Tattoo Procedure

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When looking for an artist to recreate your nipple, we recommend taking your time and research finding an “ areola 3d tattoo near me ”. Our consultation process is personalized to you and your needs. We take the time to find out your story, and how best we can provide a solution that meets your wants, and needs. We encourage you to ask as many questions that come to your mind, we have the years of experience to answer each of them with confidence. Ensure you are aware of the risk of infection and do not shy away from asking about the downtime and upfront costs. It would be best if you had a realistic picture of how much time it would take to recreate the nipple and cover surgery scars and the healing process.
The consultation is necessary, but it can even occur one day before the 3D nipple reconstruction procedure . If the patient has not decided what to do next, then one of our licensed artists will walk them through the process. After a thorough discussion, the patient and nipple tattoo artist determine the placement, shape, color, and size of the areola and nipple, and the technician prepares the patient’s expectations for a realistic outcome. The patient can provide photos for the color or size reference or choose a new color that matches their skin tone.
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The Procedure

The doctor or artist will have discussed preferences for color, size, placement, and other details during the consultation for tattooing around the nipple. They will mix the tattoo ink to achieve the right color and then show it to the patient to get their approval. It is the color of the areola and nipple, and the artists use several different shades to achieve the appearance of height, depth, and other three-dimensional effects. If the patient only requires one nipple, they will use the other one as a template and replicate it as closely as possible.
After the mastectomy, patients often lose feeling in their breasts, so the tattooing procedure will not be as painful. Most patients feel some pressure or vibration on their skin. In most cases, the process hurts less than a regular tattoo. The technician applies a local anesthetic to numb the area, but it can affect the tattoo’s color, so it is generally not recommended. For those who have had nipple reconstruction surgery, the doctor will reconstruct a circular area to outline the areola and recreate it in matching color.
The tattoo is only flat, but color and shading will make the nipple and areola look natural. It takes approximately 45 minutes of tattooing to recreate one 3D nipple using tattoo ink and 90 minutes for both. The breast area will swell or turn slightly red after the procedure, which is typical following a tattoo. The skin might feel tight, and it will continue to heal over the next week.

Ink Scalp Goddess tattoo artists use a topical anesthetic to numb the breast area. It is supposed to minimize the pain and discomfort you experience. If the mastectomy has affected your nerves, then you can skip this step if desired.

The technician will take measurements and outline the nipple and areola in the meanwhile. If the patient only needs one nipple, the technician will mark the shape, size, and color according to the natural one. If the artist creates both of them entirely new, the artist selects the shape, size, and pigment with the patient’s consent.

The technician prepares the pigments or custom-mixes them to achieve the exact shade required. The nipple tattooing begins after that, and the technician uses an electric device with special needles to insert pigments into the skin. They will build the color by going back and forth, and it will take several runs to achieve the desired effect. Micropigmentation involves continuously breaking down the surface of the skin with a multi-headed needle. The artists will be using multiple shades of pigment to create a 3D nipple and areola.

Once the tattoo is complete, the technician will dress the area in gauze. They will provide you with instructions on how to take care of the area and give you resources or prescribe medication for after-care. The dressing is waterproof, and it is safe to shower with it on your tattoo. You can wash yourself using a mild soap and warm water.

The patient should only take off the dressing four days after the procedure. If a scab or crust is forming on the tattoo, do not remove it or pull at it because it could pull off the pigments with it. Once you have removed the dressing, you can apply non-scented moisturizer on the area in the morning and evening for at least two weeks or until the scabbing subsides.

A follow-up appointment is usually scheduled six to eight weeks after the nipple tattoo. The doctor will assess the treatment results, and a tattoo artist will advise whether or not a touchup or other pigment is necessary in each particular case. It is common to have another tattooing procedure done because the color fades with time. To maintain the color and appearance of the nipple and areola, patients may undergo different processes.

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After Your Procedure

What Does the Nipple Tattoo Aftercare Involve?

We recommend that patients refrain from exercising for at least one week after the procedure or until the scabbing stops.

 It includes extensive workouts, running, cycling, and even yoga. You should avoid lifting heavy weights or anything heavier than 20 pounds for the week following the procedure. Patients need to give their tattoo time to heal before swimming, soak in pools, tubs, or Jacuzzis.

If the patient is experiencing any discomfort or pain, they can take regular or extra-strength acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen to help manage the symptoms. Healthcare professionals also recommend patients apply an antibacterial ointment on the tattoo site to prevent any infections.

The Nipple Tattoo Healing Process Day by Day

We recommend that patients refrain from exercising for at least one week after the procedure or until the scabbing stops. It includes extensive workouts, running, cycling, and even yoga. You should avoid lifting heavy weights or anything heavier than 20 pounds for the week following the procedure. Patients need to give their tattoo time to heal before swimming, soak in pools, tubs, or Jacuzzis.

If the patient is experiencing any discomfort or pain, they can take regular or extra-strength acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen to help manage the symptoms. Healthcare professionals also recommend patients apply an antibacterial ointment on the tattoo site to prevent any infections.

Day 1 and 2

The breast area is red and swollen following the treatment and will remain for a few days. It should have subsided entirely by the 5th day and if that is not the case, contact your physician to check for an infection. The area will be tender, and there could be some mild discomfort. You can take over-the-counter pain medication to help with the symptoms. The skin could also be oozing blood or lymph, and you can clean the area using a gentle cloth and dabbing it on the site.

Days 3-7

The treated skin will begin to scab, and a thin film of the crust will cover the area. It might itch, or there might be some tightness, but patients should avoid picking at it. You can use a non-scented moisturizer to deal with the discomfort.

Days 7-14

The scab will naturally peel off during the second. The entire process will last a whole week, and you should let it flake off of your body itself. Some patients undergo a second round of peeling once their initial scabs have healed. It would be best if you did not scratch or pick at any of the flakes. Ripping them off the skin can also remove the pigments and affect the final results. There is also the risk of infection associated with picking scabs.

Days 15-42

Once the peeling has stopped, your skin should heal on the surface. However, the internal healing process can take 6-8 weeks. During this time, the pigments settle into the tissue under the skin’s surface and recover from the process. Once you have passed the 6-week mark, you can return for a follow-up procedure and discuss your healing procedure and future steps for maintaining the appearance of the nipple tattoo.

How Much Does a Nipple Tattoo Cost?
The actual cost of the areola reconstruction tattooing varies from location to location and depends on the artist/technicians. The price goes up if you need both nipples and areolas tattooed. The amount of work that goes into the procedure depends on the patient’s skin and post-surgery scars. Most clinics or salons can only provide a quote once they have consulted with the patient.
Bearing that in mind, the average price for a single nipple reconstruction tattoo is $500. Most artists will include the costs for the first touchup in their initial quote. However, we recommend that you have an expert assess the area before you set aside any money. The treatment is challenging to perform in cases where heavy scarring and more micro-pigmentation are needed to cover it up. The costs can be higher than the average price in such cases.

The federal law ratified the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act in 1998. Healthcare providers and group health plans are required to cover mastectomy and pay for the reconstructive surgeries following it. The coverage includes all types of reconstruction used to achieve symmetry and order between both breasts. The reconstruction procedures include 3D nipple tattoos, and most insurance companies should cover them.

In cases where they are not, several tattoo artists offer discounts to cancer survivors. We recommend patients read up on the WHCRA and contacts Medicare/Medicaid regarding the status of their copay. The criteria and coverage vary with each State, so your provider is the best resource for reliable information. Tattoo technicians and artists provide receipts and proof of payment that you can bill to an insurance company.

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