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Areola 3D Treatment

Breast and Nipple Reconstruction

When it comes to breast reconstruction, micropigmentation of the areola and nipple is usually the best procedure for various use cases. Areola 3D is a form of micropigmentation treatment that corrects the color, dimension, size, and shape of the nipple. For patients having undergone breast-related surgeries such as mastectomies, breast reduction, breast implants, etc., this process is considered the last step after these major surgeries. This is because such procedures often result in the removal of the nipples or imperfections in the areola. The Areola 3D procedure gives men and women the option to choose the size, shape, and color of the areola and allows them to recreate perfectly symmetrical and naturally colored nipples. Areola’s 3D restoration procedure uses pigments and dyes to create the illusion of natural nipples with a real areola without additional surgery. Additionally, this procedure is also beneficial for men who want to improve the appearance of their areolas due to enlargement or fading. Areola 3D pigmentation requires advanced training, education, and experience. This is a process that must be performed using the utmost integrity and artistic precision to obtain the best results.

At Ink Scalp Goddess, my goal is to provide realistic color and dimension to your new nipple, as well as pushing away additional scarring with scar camouflage treatment. In memory of my father, I always offer a 50% discount to all cancer survivors.