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SMP Scalp Micropigmentation For Women
Permanent Solution to Thinning Hair or Receding Hairlines
Virtually Painless, Minimal Recovery Time
Immediate Results in Increased Confidence
Scalp Tattoo Mimics the Appearance of Real Hair
Micropigmentation For Women

SMP scalp micropigmentation on women is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require any surgery. This cosmetic treatment provides the client an illusion of a thicker hairline, which gives an immediate boost to their confidence and loss of hair. With the help of this life changing treatment, not only are hair follicles replicated but the strands of hair are also replicated at the base of the scalp and hairline. So whether you are suffering from a hereditary pattern of hair loss, hormonal imbalance, lack of hair density, lack of hair growth, or a receding frontal hairline, in either case, you can benefit from a hairline scalp tattoo.

Hair has always been considered one of the most defining features of a woman’s body. Female hair loss can affect a woman’s confidence but also contribute to their depression and anxiety. With the ever-growing rise in women experiencing female hair loss, scalp micropigmentation for women or female hairline microblading has become excessively popular.
This treatment is done by replicating the scalp’s natural color and texture with fine micro needles that implant pigment into the epidermis. As scalp micropigmentation is a gradual process, it allows the scalp to adapt to the change and henceforth results in a very natural-looking outcome. Not to mention, this procedure is also semi-permanent and can last up to several years with touchups. If you want to get rid of your insecurities and give yourself an instant makeover, then scalp micropigmentation for women is definitely the way to go!

What is Scalp Micropigmentation
For Women

Scalp micropigmentation for women, more commonly known as hairline tattoo for females or female smp, is a straightforward cosmetic procedure that uses cosmetic pigmentation of the scalp. In this procedure, tattoo pigments are applied on the scalp, as a result of which the appearance of bald spots is significantly reduced, and hairs look thicker and fuller. In simpler words, this procedure creates a 3D effect so that the hair looks luster and dense. This is a highly advanced procedure carried out by an expert or professional as it requires various techniques to replicate hair follicles to be used depending upon the hair loss condition of each client.

In simpler words, this procedure creates a 3D effect so that the hair looks luster and dense. This is a highly advanced procedure carried out by an expert or professional as it requires various techniques to replicate hair follicles to be used depending upon the hair loss condition of each client.
Causes of Hair Loss In Women

The truth is that just like men, women also experience baldness, female pattern hair loss, or thinning hair. You cannot really understand the benefits of scalp micropigmentation treatment unless you are aware of what causes hair loss in women. Following are some of the common reasons behind hair loss in women and reasons why you should consider scalp tattoo hair loss women something to have treated at Ink Scalp Goddess:

One of the most common causes of hair loss among women is heredity, i.e., hair loss that happens with aging and is often referred to as androgenic alopecia, female-pattern baldness. Female pattern loss affects nearly 30 million women alone in the US. It does not occur at once and progresses with time, and the pattern is predictable, which is thinning of hair and the crown of a woman’s scalp.

Menopause hair loss in women is caused by hormonal changes that could be temporary or permanent. Premenopausal women and postmenopausal women experience changes that cause hair loss.

Menopause is a biological process that every woman has to go through at some point in their lives. During menopause, the production of estrogen and progesterone is lowered, due to which women experience hair loss. In addition, a decrease in female hormones estrogen tends to trigger an increase in the production of androgen, which is a group of male hormones causing hair follicles to shrink, which results in hair loss. Many clients looking for menopause hair loss solutions are amazed at the transformation SMP can do!
Several medical conditions can cause women to lose hair, like alopecia areata, which is related to the immune system and causes irregular hair loss, scalp infections such as ringworm, and lastly, trichotillomania which is a hair-pulling disorder. Alopecia areata is found to affect over 6.8 million people in the US, and around 2.1% of the US population is at risk of being hit by this disease at any one time. Hairline tattoo for women is a great solution for those looking to counteract the affects of medication.

In many cases, hair loss is triggered as a side effect of some medication. The drugs or medication that can cause hair loss include those used for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout, and high blood pressure.

After the radiation therapy, likely, the hair may not grow back as thick as they were before.
Emotional stress can undoubtedly be rated as one of the biggest causes of hair loss in women, and in many cases, the hair does not come back to how thick they were before.
The diet patterns have changed during the last few decades resulting in many health problems, including hair loss.
Hairstyling and hair treatments are prevalent these days, which are excessively damaging for the hair as they cause pulling of hair, leading to hair loss called traction alopecia. Braids, cornrows, bunch, and ponytails are many hairstyles that can lead to hair thinning. The hair loss caused by styling and hair treatments could be permanent if scarring occurs.
The Best SMP services for women
If you are a woman looking for a way to improve your scalp appearance and reduce the damage done by hair loss, consider calling Ink Scalp Goddess.
Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation/Hairline Tattoo For Women
The treatment of scalp tattoo is equally beneficial for women as it is for men, and here are some of the many advantages that women can enjoy if they opt for this procedure.
The procedure involves minimal pain, unlike any other hair loss treatment such as PRP or hair transplant.
It is nonsurgical, and no anesthesia is required either, which means you can resume your normal activities quickly after the procedure, just with slight lifestyle changes.
The recovery time is short as compared to other hair loss procedures.
It does not have any side effects, and no risks are involved.
It requires little maintenance, beyond your regular skincare routine to maintain the look of your woman scalp microblading. However, touchups are needed every couple of years to be sure the pigment density remains.
It is suitable for every skin type and every color.
It is natural and does not require artificial treatment that usually does not last long.
The Costs Of Scalp
Micropigmentation for Women
In Austin, Texas the average cost for female smp micropigmentation ranges between $1800 to $5000 depending on the area to be treated and other factors. Since the results of this procedure are quite amazing and last for about 4 to 6 years, it is totally worth the cost. If you are looking for a viable solution to this problem, consider SMP as a solution for scalp tattoo hair loss women.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Menopause is a process where the woman’s body undergoes severe hormonal changes resulting in a significant reduction of estrogen. Apart from other symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, almost every woman experiences hair loss.

In some cases, the hair may not grow back as thick as it used to be, which is why a hair tattoo is highly recommended for all those women who have experienced thinning of hair due to menopause or other hormonal changes. Scalp micropigmentation for women is one of the most practical menopause hair loss solutions.

The hair tattoo for women lasts for many years, which is why it can be considered a permanent solution. It is expected that your results will last for as long as up to 7 years.

Although you can resume your normal daily activities soon after the treatment, there are certain things that you need to take care of. It is advised to keep your scalp dry and clean, which could be tricky for women as they cannot wash their hair for at least a week. Additionally, your doctor will advise you not to go out in direct sunlight for a couple of weeks after your treatment.

Also, it is advised to avoid swimming, steam, and sauna for at least 10-15 days after the procedure. Any other specific precautions will be communicated to you by your doctor right after your treatment.
SMP or hair tattoo does not hurt as much as a regular tattoo does. It is also less painful than a hair transplant. The whole concept is that in SMP, the tattoo is not penetrated deep into the skin of the scalp, which is why most clients will only experience little discomfort.
It is absolutely wrong that SMP causes damage to hair follicles. SMP does not adversely affect hair follicles as the procedure is performed on shallow skin while hair follicles have deep roots.

There are certain differences between these two procedures, such as micropigmentation for women sends pigment deeper into the skin compared to microblading, and the results of the former last twice as much as those of microblading.

Yes, SMP can also be used to conceal or improve the appearance of the skin of the scalp or areas around the scalp. Some people lose the color of their skin due to conditions such as vitiligo, while others have naturally uneven skin tone; in both conditions, micropigmentation can be used to even out skin.
The cost of SMP treatments totally depends on the scalp area that needs to be taken care of. But generally, the procedure costs from $400-$1000.
Reduce heredity and hormonal change’s effects on appearance.
No matter the condition that has caused your hair loss, consulting with me, I can find you an SMP-based solution for the issues.
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