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Body Scar Camouflage
It offers an immediate reduction in the visible scars and damage.
Safer than most invasive methods used for scar recovery.
The skin condition of the scarred area can improve dynamically.
Offers minimal downtime and routine disruption.
Scar Camouflage through SMP Micropigmentation
The wounds from surgery or trauma heal and leave behind scar tissue on the skin. The type and degree of scars vary from person to person.

Micropigmentation is a procedure through which you can minimize the appearance of flat scars that are lighter than the surrounding skin. The tattoo camouflages the scar and offers a long-term solution to the problem.

A tattoo needle is used to add pigmentation to the scar and improve the overall skin texture. Our technician or tattoo artist uses matching colors and high-quality equipment to help the scar tissue blend in with the surrounding area. The digital needling technique is used to smooth out the area by stimulating the body’s healing response. The scar becomes less taut and then a corrective pigment is used to match it with the skin color.

How People Can Benefit from Scar Camouflage Tattooing

Scar camouflage tattoos can achieve natural results because there are a wide range of skin color pigments that can match any skin tone. The technician uses shading and other artistic techniques during the procedure to achieve a realistic tattoo camouflage for scars. The procedure is performed by a licensed technician, and you get instant results. In some cases, the difference is visible just after one session. Some other benefits of scar camouflage tattooing are:

Scar tattooing is not suitable for all types of scars and your technician needs to assess the area before they do the procedure. In some cases, the tattoo can lead to increased scarring. The best candidates for scar camouflage are those scars that are at least 1 year old and are paler than the skin tone. They should not be red or inflamed and the skin needs to be taut.
The results of the scar micropigmentation depend on a lot of factors some of which are related to the patient’s skin type and lifestyle. The skin tone, pigmentation, thickness, texture and PH balance. The healing ability of the skin also plays a role in the final look. The technician may also ask questions related to the medication you’re on, your alcohol intake, smoking habits and diagnosed illnesses.
Small amounts of the color pigments are injected into the skin using a tattooing pen. The pen has a needle that is as narrow as a strand of hair, and it moves up and down inserting pigment into the skin. The pigment builds up gradually and creates a natural effect with colors, highlights, and shadows. The technician pays attention to details and adds freckles or texture to match the area. If the scar area is sensitive, then a topical numbing agent will be applied to prepare the area. It is applied half an hour before the procedure begins.
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Use Cases for Scar Camouflage

The best candidate for a scar camouflage tattoo is a client who have year old scars in areas that are not usually exposed to sunlight. These could be scars from trauma, surgeries, injuries, mastectomy, breast reconstruction and liposuction. The scars can be from cuts, burns or any other injury. Patients who suffer from congenital disorders such cleft palate or harelip can also opt for the scar camouflage tattoo. There are restorative tattoos for adding pigment to the skin and reducing the appearance of incision scars for hair transplant scar camouflage tattoos.
If you have large scars from C-section surgeries, third-degree burns or any other incident, they can also be covered with scar camouflage tattoo ink. As long as the scar fulfils the criteria listed above, it can be covered up with permanent makeup no matter what the size. Larger scars will however, require more follow-ups and multiple procedures to achieve the desired results.
When the skin has to removed or stretched, it becomes smoother. Scars that cover areas of the body where skin or some part has been removed can be tattooed over. If the body part is not very sensitive then you can use micropigmentation to cover the scar tissue.

Scar Camouflage Tattoo is a Multi-Sessions Process

Scar camouflage often takes multiple sessions to make the skin look as realistic and normal as possible, you should only consult the best when searching for “ scar camouflage tattoo near me”. The technician does a spot test and waits for the color to stabilize before proceeding with the tattoo. They need to check if it matches with the surrounding skin before going over the affected area. Due to the different skin types, it takes 3-4 sessions to get the outcome you wanted, and scar camouflage tattoo before and after results will vary. The tattoo artist can adjust the micropigmentation technique and formula to improve the tattoo’s appearance.

Keloid scars are challenging for tattoo artists because they are not flat and protrude from the skin. Using scar camouflage tattoos over them can do more damage than good. Patients can choose to cover only part of the keloid or incorporate the scar into a tattoo design to disguise the appearance and preserve the skin tissue.
Burned skin is sensitive and has an irregular appearance which makes tattooing over them very tricky. There are different color pigments a tattoo artist can use to conceal the burn and make it look less conspicuous.
Stretch marks in the abdominal area or incision scars left behind after an invasive procedure or cesarean-section are ideal candidates for tattoos. However, as the belly expands or contracts, the tattoo will too. This will affect its appearance in case you gain weight or become pregnant so you might want to get the cosmetic tattoo scar camouflage tattoo once your weight is stable.
Doctors perform precise incisions during surgery and leave behind unnoticeable scars. These can be incorporated into the edges of a tattoo to make them invisible. Technicians can also tattoo over them as it is the case with mastectomy scars once they have healed.
What to Expect From Scar Camouflage
An electronic device is used to perform the digital needling procedure which triggers the skin’s natural healing response. After that, multiple pigments are used to blend and recreate the natural skin color and it is tattooed over the scar. It is supposed to match the rest of the skin and look as natural as possible.

What will Happen During my Treatment?

The treatment includes a consultation appointment during which the technician will assess the skin camouflage tattoo area. The actual procedure is scheduled afterwards and its duration depends on the type and size of the scar. The tattooing is done with a sharp needle so there is some pain but the numbing agent will reduce the amount of discomfort.
A technician at Ink Scalp Goddess will carefully go over the scarring to ascertain whether or not micropigmentation is required. We will evaluate the natural color and might carry out a color patch test to see which pigment tattoo for scars would work best on your skin. It takes time for the color to develop and for the technician to get an accurate impression of what the scar should look like. When they know they have chosen the right color, they will move forward with the scar pigmentation tattoo procedure.

Every scar is unique and the procedure requires enough time to cover the entire scar. It usually takes 2-6 hours to complete the treatment. Micropigmentation is inserted into the skin using small needles. The tattoo artist goes over the area several times to completely camouflage the scar. Typically patients require 2-3 sessions to get the desired result. The number of sessions depend on the severity of the scar.

Healthcare professionals recommend applying antibacterial treatment to the area at least 3 times everyday to avoid an infection. They should also keep out of direct sunlight and avoid using soaps or makeup on the area. The skin might flake or scab after the tattoo and patients should not pick at the area. They can use a moisturizer to deal with the dryness and itching. It will take 5 days for the skin to return to normal.
Clients return for a follow-up 60-90 days after their treatment to show the technicia whether or not they need a touchup. In 40% of the cases they need 1-3 more sessions so the results are permanent. Patients with darker skin usually do not need another session and may only require them in case of stretchmarks.
The healing process is different for all skin types and general precaution requires staying out of direct sunlight. The UV rays can make the scar pigmentation tattoo fade faster and the colors to change. Tattoos are generally permanent but you might need to get them retouched after 3-5 years to freshen up the pigmentation and make them look natural.
The price of the procedure depends on the size of the scar but generally tattoo artists charge $500 per session. There are extra costs for consultations and follow-ups. The total expenses vary from area to area and if the scar is complicated or severe then it might require a more expensive procedure.
Body scars can be camouflaged
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