Medical Tattooing Austin

Body Scar Camouflage

Remove Unwanted Scars with Just a Few Sessions

Our body scarring camouflage service is extremely effective and safe. It can improve the appearance and uneven texture of scars throughout the body. We use the highest quality equipment and pigments. At Ink Scalp Goddess you will find the highest quality and experience. With the help of micropigmentation, we soften and relax the texture of the scars. This stimulates the body’s response to healing and leaves the scar less taut and more uniform. Scars, burns, or any other discoloration on the body caused by surgeries, transplants, obesity, vitiligo, or any other skin condition can be camouflaged with our micropigmentation process. We have a wide range of organic pigments to choose from and form a color scheme to match to your skin tone, it will look like you have applied makeup concealer professionally, but this, unlike concealers, does not smear or fade. Scar camouflage can take several visits to complete and tends to require more patience than other treatments. At Ink Scalp Goddess we are confident that the results of our body scar camouflage with the help of micropigmentation are 100% effective, pleasant, and pain-free.