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Hair Transplant Scar
It offers a long-lasting solution to serious hair transplant scars inevitable in most surgeries.
Cosmetic procedures to hide the hair transplant scar are often cheaper and more affordable than medical treatments.
The process takes less time than the more medically complex options and can provide desired results.
SMP methods used in the hair transplant scar treatment process are all through organic items, ensuring the best outcome.
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Correction of Scars from Hair Transplants
Have you received an FUE hair transplant procedure or FUT hair transplant, and are not satisfied with the results? Are you looking for the best way to hide a hair transplant scar or linear scar?
Don’t worry, with over 30 years in cosmetic tattoos, I can help! There are numerous reasons that lead to a hair transplant but the first and most important step after an unsuccessful hair transplantation treatment is to identify what we can do in the extraction area to make the scalp look more dense with hair transplant scar cover up. By looking into the extraction area on your scalp, we can identify the best way how to cover head scars and camouflage the area and give an almost imperceptible appearance to the extraction area. With SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment (SMP), I intend to create a solution and answer your question of “how to hide scar on head” so that your previous transplant looks the best possible, more natural, and suitable for you.

When people are left behind with hair plug scars on their heads after hair transplant surgery, it can be a big knock to their peace of mind. Not simply is it uncomfortable to see in the mirror, it may additionally have the negative effects of triggering hair loss around the scarred area. This can make the the scar extra detectable, and leaves you believing worse concerning your appearance. At our hair SMP clinic located in Austin, TX we offer the best way to cover hair transplant scars along with several conditions related to hair transplant correction, utilizing Scalp Micropigmentation.

If you are wanting to know how to hide a scar on your head that you just can’t cope with after hair transplant surgery, I would be delighted to resolve your issue and correct the scar with Scalp Micropigmentation. Hair transplant scar camouflage is the best way to hide transplant scars; a simple procedure that can have a large influence on your confidence and outlook on life, so it’s absolutely worth considering after having transplanted hair and not liking the results. To learn more about hair transplant scar removal, and this effective, life-changing service that I offer – that mimics natural hair follicles and a full head of head of hair, just contact me for a free consultation. I will reach out within 24 hours and schedule a time to review your individual situation and suggest a path forward for your hair scar repair. Do not deal with your scars; remedy all of them today along with a hair transplant correction using SMP, and not another surgical procedure!

Frequently, hairs will stop to increase coming from scar tissue, leaving behind a bald patch that produces the scar extremely recognizable. Wanting to know how to get rid of hair transplant scars? Through the technique of scalp micropigmentation, this permanent solution mimics the appearance of new hairs and can cover up hair transplant scars, and attractively build up the volume of hair around the scar. I am an expert at efficiently minimizing the appearance of the scar using hair transplant micropigmentation; you’ll need to appear really closely to see it!

Frequently, hairs will stop to increase coming from scar tissue, leaving behind a bald patch that produces the scar extremely recognizable. Wanting to know how to get rid of hair transplant scars? Through the technique of scalp micropigmentation, this permanent solution mimics the appearance of new hairs and can cover up hair transplant scars, and attractively build up the volume of hair around the scar. I am an expert at efficiently minimizing the appearance of the scar using hair transplant micropigmentation; you’ll need to appear really closely to see it!

What is the difference between FUE and FUT?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this procedure hair grafts are removed as individual follicular units leaving scars in the form of white dots in the area behind the head.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

In this procedure, follicular units are removed from the hair donor scalp area in a “strip” (leaving a scar on the back of the head) and then inserting into the recipient area (usually the front area).

Have a transplant scar on your scalp?
Contact Ink Scalp Goddess today to determine the nature of the scar and the appropriate treatment to help in improving your appearance!

What is the Process of Hair Transplant Scar Correction?

If the original transplant procedure was done well, hair transplant scar correction would not be needed for most people. Unfortunately, many patients after FUE and FUT transplants do not have the desired results and now have an unwanted scar and lacking the density in their hair they expected. Thus, treatment of SMP Capillary Micropigmentation, in addition to perfecting the treated area is recommended for tattoo over a hair transplant scar.

In our consultation I will examine your transplant area and determine if you are a good candidate for treatment; during and after the consultation, I will answer all the questions so you are comfortable.

The first consultation is free, builds trust, and an understanding of the client’s expectations to have the best benefits of the treatment. Considering that the SMP is going to be a minimal additional investment compared to your initial expense, in order to finally achieve the long-awaited result it is highly sought after.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Scalp micropigmentation is just one of one of the most prominent treatment choices for dealing with hair transplant scars. Essentially, it’s a tattoo procedure that aims to hide the scar on your scalp, making use of carefully chosen pigments that matches your hair and also scalp color. A certified technician injects the pigment onto your scalp and also blends in the scalp perfectly till it is no longer appreciable.
  2. Scalp micropigmentation addresses the fact that each hair transplant scar is unique to the individual. The technician can function according to your situation as well as develop a thorough treatment plan to provide the most effective outcomes possible. The scars are individually assessed together with its size, placement, tissue structure, color, and shape. From there, the technician selects the pigment that will best reduce the appearance of the patient’s scar. The outcomes are as permanent as it obtains and also does not need any type of specialist type of care or maintenance.
  1. While females seem to care much more concerning their appearances as well as their body shape than men do, one famous concern that always has a tendency to influence guys is hair loss and also early balding. It made use of to be a major issue without any option years ago yet nowadays there are numerous alternatives readily available to males and females.
  2. Have you endured the effects of shedding hair, or going bald? Have you tried any one of the advertised items seen in the media, to assist restore your hair yet without noticeable results? Scalp Micropigmentation is the solution you are looking for! Schedule a consultation today!
  1. As a standalone solution, micropigmentation or scalp micropigmentation (SMP) can help clients that intend to level their hairline. Clients that likewise want that freshly cut look can additionally go for SMP.
  2. If you have no concept what SMP is, it’s a non-invasive procedure that uses cosmetic coloring to tattoo pigment into the scalp. It is important that you go to an SMP professional like Laura at Ink Scalp Goddess who uses state-of-the-art tools to create consistent, remarkable outcomes that look equivalent to a fuller head of hair.
  3. Exactly how does it work in combination with a hair transplant? As we’ve suggested previously, it takes months before you see results from a hairline transplant surgery. Throughout that period, you’ll still be bald or have a hair issue that requires camouflaging.
  4. Getting SMP will certainly mask those issues while you await your hair transplant results to kick in. And in case your transplant fails, scalp micropigmentation is a fantastic option. That is if you never wish to undergo another hair transplant surgery again.
  1. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a procedure that releases a stippling pattern tattoo that imitates hair roots reduced close to the scalp.
  1. Hair transplantation is a common method hair loss individuals introduce coverage around thinning areas of the scalp to recreate a fuller and also more vibrant looking hairline. Strip excision (FUT) as well as follicular unit extraction (FUE) are the two most popular as well as reliable hair transplant methods used today.
  2. The strip technique is a method of getting follicular systems from a benefactor strip drawn from an area of the scalp at the back or sides of the head, getting rid of the grafts from the strip utilizing a microscope, and afterwards transplanting the grafts in the thinning locations. This is a technique of getting grafts from the contributor area where a strip of skin is gotten rid of from the donor area. The donor site incision is ultimately stitched closed.
  3. A long as well as potentially wide direct scar is developed with this method (FUT), which can be recognizable for those that choose much shorter hairdos. If you have a straight scar from a past hair transplant there are a couple of alternatives you can utilize to hide your scar.
  4. Hiding Hair Transplant Scars: FUE Transplant and also Scalp Micropigmentation FUE treatments can help conceal scars from previous hair transplants. The FUE strategy eliminates the hair follicle directly from the scalp using sharp tools such as punches and forceps. These hair roots are then positioned on to or near previous scars to assist conceal their appearance.
  5. FUE does not generate any added direct scars. It can also be executed to ensure that development of hair roots are protected in the contributor region. This will assist to preserve good protection in the benefactor area as you wait for your hair to grow back.
  6. SMP entails clinical quality tattooing of the scalp to duplicate small hairs. This procedure can be utilized either to fill in between thinning hairs or to include the perception of even more hair between transplanted hair.
  1. Essentially, scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, is the procedure of having your scalp tattooed with a series of minor dots, that will certainly mimic a shaven head of hair with no surgery or scarring.
  2. Scalp micropigmentation use natural pigments, provided at epidermal degree which, subsequently, recreates the appearance of a natural hairline. It’s a procedure that is similar to tattooing, yet it does not pass through to rather the extent, henceforth, the shade is a lot less disposed to alter over sustainable periods.
  3. A lot of frequently utilized as a contemporary solution versus thinning or hair loss, one more significant usage for scalp micropigmentation is to conceal scars after hair transplants. It’s an attempted and checked process and has actually proven to be a preferred method for both hair thinning as well as masking of evident scars. It’s an effective option for both plights and also will usually still be around for several years to find.
  1. Micropigmentation offers a method to conceal hair transplant graft scars by duplicating the appearance of hair despite whether you have short or long hair. There’s no invasive surgical procedure, no scarring as well as no down time.
  2. By literally simulating the appearance of hair, micropigmentation can assist camouflage scars. For many aesthetic tattooing is the only longterm answer.
  3. Micropigmentation is an efficient remedy for individuals with strip follicular system transplant benefactor scars or hair transplant graft scars in order to aid camouflage the scar
  1. Scars are created when damages happens to the dermis layer of your skin. The result is the marking we recognize as a scar. Using SMP – we color match pigments to your skin and tattoo lightly into your scalp replicating the appearance of a full head of hair.
  1. There are advantages to both hair transplant surgery and also micropigmentation that may make one a far better choice for your demands than the various other. Some people even pick to go through both treatments as micropigmentation can be used to improve the outcomes of hair transplant treatment by producing an appearance of fuller coverage, or to mask scars from the donor site.
  2. Micropigmentation may be the favored selection if you intend to avoid surgery and also like the appearance of refined stubble on the scalp over a completely bald head. Those who have a restricted benefactor supply may additionally benefit from micropigmentation.
  3. Hair transplant surgery may be right for you if you want to undertake surgical treatment to physically recover the hairline or include fullness to thinning hair. Micropigmentation just offers the illusion of more hair, whereas a hair transplant changes shed hair with a patient’s very own, natural hair.
  1. The finished outcomes are really convincing and also will certainly show up extremely natural. Your friends will certainly never ever know what the difference is unless you select to tell them. These therapies provide a significant advancement in permanent cosmetics.
Is that scalp scar troubling you?
Scalp scars are fairly common after a hair transplant. Call our team today to offer you the best cosmetic and SMP-based recovery services.
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