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All forms of alopecia can be covered using Scalp Micropigmentation treatments.
SMP based alopecia treatment is usually more affordable for clients compared to other, lifelong treatment options.
The results are fairly long-lasting, and no regular application of SMP procedures is required.
Permanent makeup procedures result in a one-time cost instead of recurring expenses on steroids and drugs.
Noticing a lot of Hair in the Shower Drain or Brush?

You may have an autoimmune disorder known as “Alopecia.” Alopecia is a form of hair loss that is genetically triggered. The effects of alopecia vary from person to person, but our personalized and professional scalp micropigmentation service ensures that, under all circumstances, we achieve the most pleasing, desirable, and natural final appearance.

Microblading alopecia, or SMP plays a vital role in restoring self-confidence to people suffering from this disease and also helps to recreate a new look for the scalp.

Unlike the solutions that give you only a surface level solution and the concern of not sweating or being aware of inclement weather… “what if it rains?” or if someone touches your face or hugs you? Thanks to SMP Scalp Micropigmentation or an alopecia tattoo, now this allows you to obtain a youthful appearance natural and durable and permanent without the anguish of spending embarrassing experiences that non-permanent products can give you. A permanent solution to a permanent problem is priceless and you deserve to find a solution for how to cover up bald patches from alopecia.

Alopecia is common in men, but also about 50% of women. At Ink Scalp Goddess our goal is to provide you with advanced alopecia areata hair tattoo services regardless of the length of your hair. Our goal is to reverse the visual effects of unwanted hair loss. In men, alopecia is caused by a person’s sensitivity to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone causes hair follicles to shrink on exposure. At Ink Scalp Goddess we perform tattoos on head for hair loss and SMP Alopecia treatment using micropigmentation to camouflage the appearance of the area. Ink Scalp Goddess has already provided hundreds of people affordable, and minimal maintenance solutions that enable people to live their lives fully with the confidence of looking and feeling good. Contact us and regain your confidence with a fresh and natural hairline.

Alopecia Areata
Alopecia “Areata” is an autoimmune disease that occurs when your immune system damages healthy cells in your body. People suffering from this disease have many white blood cells gathered around the affected hair follicles and want to know how to cover alopecia. This causes a mild inflammation that leads to thinning hair, therefore the fall increases and causes circular bald patches. The Areata hair regrowth treatment includes camouflage options such as scalp micropigmentation. At Ink Scalp Goddess, we are professionals in this service and we guarantee 100% results with alopecia hair tattoos.
Alopecia Universalis

Like Alopecia Areata, “Universalis” is also a type of hair loss that results from an autoimmune disorder. In this type of alopecia, there is hair loss throughout the body. This is a rarer form of alopecia and represents only 1% of all cases of alopecia. Most people with Universal Alopecia are born with some hair and begin to lose it at a young age. The most effective way to cover or camouflage universal alopecia is through alopecia micropigmentation, or with a wig, but hair pigmentation provides a safe, guaranteed and accessible way for people to obtain a natural and dense appearance. Many people choose SMP to minimize unwanted looks along with comments from others. The SMP treatment implants follicles as natural and aesthetic as possible giving a shaved appearance, creating the illusion of growing hair. At Ink Scalp Goddess we specialize in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and can help you realize how to cover up bald spots from alopecia.

Alopecia Totalis
“Totalis” is a type of Alopecia Areata, which describes a specific type of hair loss in which the individual’s scalp is affected by, or close to, total hair loss. Among all alopecia sufferers, 5% suffer from total alopecia. Whether an individual’s alopecia is partial or complete, many women and men experience anxiety and loss of self-confidence. The micropigmentation of the scalp helps these patients to get out of the anxiety phase and helps them regain their confidence, these people suffer from low self-esteem and that affects their life and that is why it is important to let them know that regardless of the type of alopecia they suffer We at Ink Scalp Goddess can help you and bring a smile back to your face with our SMP-PCM-Microblading services. My focus is to give the best treatment and pamper my client from the first call until his last appointment, always with the professionalism and appreciation of giving me the opportunity to serve them.
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Frequently Asked Questions
There are a few options in the Austin Texas area where you can get information, or have your hair growth options consulted. It is important that you understand your treatment options, trust your technician, and and have a clear plan for you treatment. With over 30 years in the permanent cosmetic industry, and having worked with all types of skin tone, I am extremely confident in my ability to perform the scalp micropigmentation for those with all forms of alopecia. You should always have a personal one-on-one consultation to discuss your individual situation, family history, treatment history, common treatment that you may have tried, genetic factors, and genetic risk factors. We will do just this in our consultation and you will leave with a clear understanding of your form of treatment and my plan to do SMP for alopecia on your scalp.
Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that is carried out by hand with a sterilized micro-needle that simulates healthy hair follicles, and gives the appearance of hair. This hair loss condition treatment is performed by a qualified micro hair pigmentation artist typically at a salon, or studio. Regardless of your skin type, loss of hair, hair count, scalp micro hair pigmentation will leave you with a renewed sense of self for all to see!

SMP for Alopecia (likewise called micro hair pigmentation) takes anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours to execute as well as typically calls for a minimum of one follow-up session to complete the appearance. Throughout the 2nd treatment, color as well as shape are fine-tuned and also hair strokes are strengthened to guarantee pigment retention for approximately a year to a year-and-a-half. Sometimes, a 2nd “touch up” appointment is needed, yet is not typical.

Living with alopecia for women is stressful. It’s recommended you go to someone like Ink Scalp Goddess who has formal training workin with alopecia in women specifically. SMP will not combat future hair loss, but it can give the illusion of fuller hair, no matter the extent of your thinning hair, or hair loss.

Many of my clients claim that they have a far better outlook on themselves and sense of beauty than they did before having the SMP treatment. Hearing this from women taking care of female pattern baldness one of the most fulfilling feedback I receive from my clients as their technician!

With different forms of alopecia like alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia, patchy alopecia, androgenetic alopecia, traction alopecia, traumatic alopecia, cicatricial alopecia; your body’s own immune system attacks your healthy and balanced hair follicles, triggering them to come to be much smaller sized, leaving you with patches of hair loss and also dramatically slow down production to the point that hair development might quit.

Depending upon which type as well as seriousness of the disease you have, you could experience hair loss in different areas and also your hair loss and also regrowth might be uncertain and also cyclical (occur over and over) for many years.

Alopecia areata is a common disorder, with varying extents of hair loss, and thinning of hair. All kinds of alopecia areata cause forms of hair loss, or complete hair loss. There is no chance to anticipate the pattern of hair loss as well as regrowth you will experience or just how extreme or long lasting it will certainly be. It’s vital to bear in mind that alopecia areata is various for everybody who has it.

Still, there are some common symptoms of alopecia areata that are good to recognize as well as recognize. Nonetheless, the only means to be sure you have alopecia areata is to make an appointment and also get a medical diagnosis from a medical professional.

Scalp micropigmentation treatment uses microneedles that include a layer of pigment dots on your scalp in a fashion comparable to obtaining a tattoo. Micropigmentation on scalp treatments usually takes place over three sessions. That stated, there is some variation that hinges on your hair loss intensity, the design you want, and also other elements that enter into play.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease, where an individual’s immune system attacks the body, in this case, the hair follicles. When this happens, the individual’s hair starts to fall out, often in clumps the size and shape of a quarter. The extent of the hair loss differs; in some cases, it is only in a couple of spots. In others, the hair loss can be better. On uncommon events, the individual loses every one of the hair on his or her head (alopecia areata totalis) or whole body (alopecia areata universalis).
It is thought that the person’s hereditary make-up may activate the autoimmune reaction of alopecia areata, along with a virus or a substance the individual enters into contact with.

Alopecia areata is an uncertain disease. In some people, hair grows back however befalls once again later on. In others, hair expands back as well as continues to be. Each instance is one-of-a-kind. Even if someone loses all of his or her hair, there is a possibility that it will certainly grow back.

It can begin at any kind of age; nonetheless, many people develop it during youth or their teen years. Regarding half them see their hair regrow within 12 months without treatment.

When the hair regrows, it might never ever befall once again. It’s additionally feasible to have unpredictable cycles of hair loss and regrowth for years.
Doctors do not know what creates alopecia areata. This is a kind of disease where your immune system attacks some part of your own body inadvertently, despite the fact that it’s expected to eliminate bacteria and also viruses. In alopecia areata, the immune system attacks the hair follicles (the part of the skin that makes hair).

No one recognizes why your body starts assaulting its hair follicles. This does not imply that your kid will certainly inherit the disease.

Even if you have the genes that raise the opportunities you’ll get the disease, there has to be some sort of trigger that begins the disease process. The trigger may be a virus or another thing in your environment.
The cost of an alopecia tattoo is not a fixed price that can be offered to you. There are a variety of factors that an expert requires to take right into the formula. Scalp micropigmentation cost depends upon the size of the location on your Scalp that needs to be treated. Sessions last long, so we will additionally need to take into consideration whether a single session would suffice for covering all locations of hairless places that you have actually established.

The price that you will certainly require to pay for an alopecia tattoo can vary anything from $400 as much as $4,000. This is a considerable variation in cost, which is why it is much better to speak with a practitioner to get a much better understanding of what you must anticipate.
Whilst there are numerous different types and also reasons for hair loss be it from stress, specific medical conditions or complying with chemotherapy, alopecia is the generic clinical term that is widely utilized. It can affect both males and females as well as can be challenging to come to terms with; regretfully alopecia can influence any kind of area of the body where hair normally expands, not just our heads. Aside from the garments we use or the songs we listen to, our hair is an important part of our identification and also if it starts to slim or befall, it can put a big damage in our confidence.

For men, a common kind of alopecia is male pattern baldness; a flawlessly natural condition that is thought to be greatly affected by genes. For the people, being bald can even be taken into consideration desirable … Think Sean Connery, Bruce Willis or if you’re old enough to bear in mind sweetheart Yul Brynner or the hot lollipop sucking TELEVISION sleuth Kojak!

Whilst this sort of alopecia isn’t nearly as common amongst ladies, us women can still be influenced by various sorts of alopecia, specifically once we’ve been with the menopause or have lately had a program of chemotherapy.
Alopecia is a covering term for all kinds hair loss. It impacts men and females and also lots of people deal with Alopecia. You most likely recognize somebody that experiences or has dealt with Alopecia at some point in their life.

Microblading is a term usually used for permanent makeup for the brows. Lots of people that have alopecia as well as have lost hair in the eyebrows and also microbalding for alopecia can be a life changing, time conserving miracle treatment.

All types of alopecia areata result in some form of hair loss. On rare events, the individual sheds all of the hair on his or her head (alopecia areata totalis) or entire body (alopecia areata universalis). In alopecia areata, the immune system strikes the hair follicles (the part of the skin that makes hair).

Microblading for alopecia can be done making use of a blade like device or a machine and also a little needle to develop tiny little hair like strokes. Alopecia is a blanket term for all kinds hair loss.
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