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What is Scalp MicroPigmentation?

Scalp MicroPigmentation

(SMP) also known as Dermal Pigmentation helps create a denser hair appearance.

 It is a highly advanced method that uses

specialized equipment along with advanced techniques of Hair MicroPigmentation.

This creates the appearance of a hair follicle. The SMP

process is extremely effective for those who suffer from hair loss

, regardless of the reason. Whether due to cancer, alopecia, genetic baldness, etc., SMP is a non-invasive/non-surgical hair treatment that uses microneedles that deposit pigment on the scalp giving a spectacular and fresh shaved appearance. My goal is to provide you with guaranteed permanent hair treatment results so you can boost your self-esteem and feel and look your best.

Ink Scalp Goddess Services for SMP are : 

  • Scalp MicroPigmentation for Hairloss
  • Scalp MicroPigmentation for Cancer Patients
  • Scalp MicroPigmentation for Baldness
  • Scalp MicroPigmentation for Men
  • Scalp MicroPigmentation for Women
  • Scalp MicroPigmentation for alopecia

At Ink Scalp Goddess in Austin, Texas, we understand that each client has unique and different needs, therefore, our goal is to ensure that during each treatment the pigment used is exactly tailored to their skin type and color. I am committed to providing my clients with a professional, personalized, and relaxed experience from start to finish. I look forward to working with you and having the opportunity to serve you to improve your appearance and thus maximize a feeling of self-confidence.

Partial Hair MicroPigmentation does not help with hair regeneration. However, whether it is partial or complete baldness/hairloss,  both can be perfectly camouflaged with the microbalding procedure. If you are looking for a permanent, economic, and effective solution for baldness, you don’t need to look any further!

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is suitable for both men and women. If you are looking for a baldness solution, you have come to the right place. At Ink Scalp Goddess in Austin, Texas, our goal is to treat each client with the best solution, to restore the necessary area without painful treatments that leave scars. SMP is permanent and requires a minimum amount of maintenance to maintain the desired appearance.

Ink Scalp Goddess provides Scalp MicroPigmentation nearby Austin basically located in 7817 Rockwood Ln Austin, TX 78757. Want to know more about

Scalp MicroPigmentation cost near me

 and procedure? Contact us online today for a free consultation.

Is SMP Scalp Micropigmentation Permanent?

Yes, with periodic maintenance every 2-4 years you can keep your SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation looking great! Why the difference in time? Because it depends on your lifestyle and if you take care of the treated area over time. I provide a maintenance plan for all my clients!

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Why Ink Scalp Goddess For Scalp MicroPigmentation ?

Amazing Natural Look

Each customer that comes in through my door, leaves with a renewed sense of self. You can be sure of a fantastic, life long result!

Solution to Balding

The simulation of hair follicles replicates a shaved scalp. 

SMP helps men and women get their hairline back!

Pain Free hair Treatment

Not every SMP Clinic provides an anesthetic! What!? Yes! , we deliver the best results, in the most comfortable environment.

Cost Effective 

 SMP Is far less expensive than a hair transplant and much less invasive. Change your outlook on life in one afternoon!

My wife has been seeing Laura for eyebrows, eyeliner, and skin care. She always came home very happy with Laura’s work. Then I found out Laura was doing the scalp micro-pigmentation and decided to give it a try. Loosing hair since a very young age had made an impact on my self esteem. I thought on doing hair implants, but there are a lot of people sharing their negative experiences leaving them with very visible scars. I can imagine the emotional devastation they are going through. I’m so glad I decided to see Laura for scalp micro-pigmentation. The procedure is not invasive, she is very professional and meticulous with her work. She was very caring, constantly asking me how I was doing with pain. My answer always was “no pain”. She explained the procedure and how to care for it during the different phases, and she also provided me with instructions on paper. I absolutely recommend Laura to anyone in need of her work!

- Raul Alacron