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Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

SMP is a huge confidence booster for individuals who looking to improve the appearance of their scalp
Fast recovery, with results that last for years (with proper upkeep!)
A fuller look for the hair becomes possible through scalp micro-pigmentation.
Return to your normal routine of life within a few days
What is Scalp MicroPigmentation?
In the simplest term, smp scalp micropigmentation or SMP is a scalp tattoo, which involves applying natural pigments within the dermal layer of the scalp to replicate the look of fuller hair. Similar to the look of someone who has naturally shaved the head. It is a cosmetic procedure equally suitable for both men and women, and is one of the most successful and most widely used non-surgical hair loss treatments.
Micropigmentation is very famous and extensively used by both men and women for various cosmetic reasons such as enhancing the shape of eyebrows, lips, eyes and more. Scalp micropigmentation is the same procedure; the only difference is that it is applied to the scalp.
Hair loss is a very common problem these days and almost everyone is facing this issue due to our diet and lifestyle. Some people have more serious problems like alopecia which results in extreme hair loss which is mostly permanent. Those who are either bald or have less hair lose their confidence and their self-esteem is very low. They are hesitant to meet people or socialize.
With the advancement in technology, the number of options available for those searching for scalp micropigmentation near me a solution for hair loss is also growing. However, scalp micropigmentation is one of the most convenient hair loss treatments as it does not involve any surgical procedure and it replicates a natural look.

How Does SMP Work

Scalp micropigmentation in Austin TX is a detailed procedure where microneedles are used to deposit pigment into the scalp. The pigments used in this procedure are highly specialized and the needles used are also of different sizes. The needles used in SMP do not penetrate very deep into the scalp.

Penetration depth, angles, pigment colors and distribution rates depend on a number of factors including the area being treated, the skin color of the scalp and most importantly the desired final results. Once the pigments are deposited, it looks like there are tiny hair follicles or short hair on the scalp. This procedure is aimed at camouflaging the surface of the scalp and creating a new look for the client. This procedure does not involve local anaesthesia, although at Ink Scalp Goddess we use a topical cream that numbs the skin to ensure minimal to no irritation during your procedure.

Pigment tattoo in Austin TX is not a one-time treatment; rather it usually requires 2-3 sessions to get complete results. The numbers of sessions needed depends on the desired results by from the client. The time interval between two sessions is usually 10-20 days and each session lasts for 2-3 hours.
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Benefits of SMP Scalp Micropigmentation
It is a quick procedure for hair restoration.
It does not require any surgery or anaesthesia.
Scalp micropigmentation costs much less when compared to other treatments or procedures available.
It is a completely safe treatment as all the ingredients used in pigments are natural
It brings back the natural hairline.
It reduces or even completely conceals the appearance of any scars, birthmarks or burns or blemishes.
It gives a natural look.
Works for people of all skin colors.
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Who Can Benefit From SMP?

Anyone who is suffering from hair loss problem can benefit from this procedure such as people suffering from alopecia areata, people experiencing thinning of hair or people experiencing male or women experiencing menopause hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation works best for those who have thinning of hair. Apart from providing a solution to people with hair loss problems, scalp micropigmentation is also best suited for those who want to cover surgical scars, burn marks or birthmarks on their scalp. SMP is also for those people who have shaved heads and want to have a hairline definition. Lastly, all those people who cannot get done hair transplant due for any reason can easily get this procedure done and get the desired results.

The Best SMP Clinic in Texas
Once you have made up your mind and have decided to treat your scalp with scalp micropigmentation, it is extremely important to choose the best practitioner. When searching for who is the best scalp micropigmentation tattoo artist, Ink Scalp Goddess appears because we have years of experience and testimonials from our clients. The following aspects must be taken into account when you are deciding where to get your SMP treatment from:
The practitioner must be certified and must have scalp micropigmentation training .
The practitioner must have good knowledge of skin physiology.
The clinic where the procedure will be performed must have standards of safety and hygiene and must be visibly clean.
All the equipment used during the treatment must be sterile.
The practitioners should follow all the guidelines of protection such as wearing masks and gloves.
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How Much is SMP

SMP is a life changing procedure, and the cost depends entirely on you, your needs, and the end result expected. We take the time to have a video, or in person consultation to best understand what you would like – before providing a quote, and treatment package. 

Generally speaking, expect to spend anywhere between $1800 to $5000 depending on the coverage area and density required.
Frequently Asked Questions
Results from this procedure can last for up to 6 years. It’s a type of permanent cosmetic procedure but it won’t last a lifetime. You will need to schedule touch up procedures and maintain good care of your scalp.
Yes the gap between every two sessions is mandatory for the pigment set naturally into the skin of the scalp. Moreover, the practitioner can alter the plan after seeing the results of the first session.

Like any other procedure, certain precautions need to take care of after SMP such as:

  • Avoiding saunas and steam for at least 28 after the final session.
  • Avoid gym and do not lift heavy weights for at least five days after the treatment
  • Avoid swimming
  • Avoid sun exposure for few days.
It is very normal to experience slight redness around the scalp which usually goes away within few days. However, it is advised to keep your scalp dry for a few days and does not shave or scrub your head for the best healing.
In order to prevent any potential complications or side effects, it is advised to go to an expert practitioner and take good care of your scalp micropigmentation treatment. If your practitioner has recommended some calming cream to avoid any infections, do not forget to apply it on your scalp on daily basis or as prescribed by your practitioner. Your scalp may feel a little itchy but do not scratch your scalp.
The results of SMP treatment usually lasts for years; however additional touch up sessions might be needed by the client to maintain the results. As it is a natural phenomenon that skin exfoliates itself so the color might fade with time and in dark skin people fading process might occur even faster. Moreover, it is recommended to avoid direct sun exposure at least for a few days after the treatment as nothing can fade the newly done SMP other than strong and harmful UVA rays.
Yes, it is strongly recommended that you begin treating your scalp immediately after your SMP treatment with the ointment we provide at Ink Scalp Goddess.
No, the results of scalp micropigmentation do not look fake, if your practitioner is experienced. We have years of experience, and understand how to properly apply SMP so that the results look just like your natural hair!

Yes the scalp micropigmentation is reversible. If you are not happy with the results of scalp micropigmentation treatment, you can get it removed with the help of a tattoo removal laser. Even worse, if you have had a bad SMP job, we also offer scalp micropigmentation scar repair.

Yes absolutely, it is equally beneficial for people with grey hair. Firstly, all clients are required to shave their heads before the procedure. Therefore, when the head is shaved the grey hair would not be visible. Secondly, for people with grey hair, grey-scale pigment is used which can be adjusted according to the actual hair color so that the pigment blends in well with the hair and give a natural look.

A numbing cream is always applied on the scalp by the practitioner before the treatment to alleviate pain. However, the patient would feel some discomfort which entirely depends on the pain threshold level of the client.
If you have been experiencing continuous hair loss, you must already be looking for a viable way to get your youthful looks back. SMP is definitely worth giving a try because of many reasons. First off, it’s painless and non-surgical and secondly, it offers long-lasting results. You have other options available like a hair transplant and plasma-rich protein injections but we all know that these are only temporary solutions. So, yes if you feel bad about the problem of hair loss, you should give SMP a try.
Reduce heredity & hormonal change’s effects on appearance.
Irrespective of the medical condition that has caused your hair loss, consulting with we can find you an SMP-based solution. Call today.
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