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At Ink Scalp Goddess, you will discover an environment of comfort and personal touch. I use the most up to date methods and cleaning precautions to keep everyone safe. Book a free consultation and let’s discuss how SMP and PCM can bring a smile to your day, everyday.

What SMP Can Treat


Male pattern baldness is a common type of hair loss that can affect men of any age. It usually begins as a receding hairline or bald spot on the top of your head, and can cause thinning and hair loss for years. While you don't need to treat this type of hair loss, there are treatment options available through our scalp micropigmentation clinic in Austin, Texas. Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment that uses tiny needles to deposit pigment into your scalp, creating the appearance of thicker hair. If you're interested in learning more about scalp micropigmentation or other treatment options for male pattern baldness, please contact us today.


Adding hair density has become a popular treatment for both men and women. With scalp micropigmentation, we can carefully add pigment to the scalp in order to create the appearance of thicker hair. This is a great way to restore lost density or simply add more volume to thinning hair. The results are remarkably natural and can be tailored to complement your existing hair color and style. If you’re looking for a safe, effective way to add density to your hair, our SMP clinic in Austin Texas is here to help. Contact us today for more information!


If you have any scars that you would like to conceal, we can help. By using scalp micropigmentation, we are usually able to conceal scars by at least 60%, and in some cases we achieve a camouflage of up to 90%. There are many factors at play that ultimately determine how successful your outcome will be. We discuss these factors with you in detail before your treatment begins. This allows us to create a treatment plan that is tailored specifically for you and your needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see if scalp micropigmentation is right for you.

Female hair loss is a common problem, but it doesn't have to be a permanent one. SMP Clinic offers a unique solution that can help you camouflage your balding areas and improve your appearance. Whether your hair is long or short, we have the right solution for you. Contact us today for a consultation and see how we can help you achieve the look you want. You'll love our results!

If you have had a mastectomy, or other surgery that has left you with a missing or reconstructed nipple, areola tattooing can help to improve your self-image and body confidence. The process is simple and relatively painless, and can be completed in one or two sessions. Tattooing will not restore the sensation to your nipples, but it will create a realistic and natural-looking nipple and areola. Contact us today to find out more about this life-changing procedure.


Ink Scalp Goddess offers a unique body scar camouflage treatment that blends scars into the surrounding natural skin using permanent makeup pigments. This needle and pigment technique is performed by a qualified professional, in a safe and sterile environment. Contact us today to claim your $200 discount on your treatment package! You'll love the results!


Alopecia smp treatment is a new and innovative way to treat hair loss. It is a form of scalp micropigmentation, where a layer of darker pigment is deposited into the skin using special microneedles. SMP for alopecia usually takes a few sessions to complete, and can effectively treat the affected areas of hair loss. If you are suffering from alopecia, then this treatment may be right for you. Contact us today for more information!


If you're unhappy with your scalp micropigmentation results, we can help. We've successfully repaired 100s of botched SMP treatments. Contact us today for a consultation and $200 discount on your tattoo treatment. Our experienced team will work with you to create a natural-looking hairline that meets your needs and expectations. You deserve to look and feel your best, and we're here to make that happen.


Our SMP clinic in Austin uses a micropigmentation technique used to camouflage Vitiligo, a skin condition that causes patches of depigmented skin. This treatment is growing in popularity as an alternative to conventional treatments, which can be expensive and time consuming. SMP can be performed in a as little as one session. contact us today to learn more about this effective treatment for vitiligo.

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Are you looking for austin hair loss solutions? At Ink Scalp Goddess, we understand the frustration and embarrassment that hair loss can cause. Whether you are a man or woman, young or old, hair loss can be devastating. That’s why we offer a variety of hair loss solutions, including smp. Our clinic is staffed by experienced and licensed professionals who are dedicated to helping you regain your confidence. We offer services for both men and women, and we tailor our treatments to each individual’s needs. If you’re ready to take the first step towards regaining your confidence, contact us today. We look forward to helping you achieve the results you desire.

Are you looking for the top scalp micropigmentation clinic in Austin, Texas? Look no further than Ink Scalp Goddess! We are proud to offer a variety of hair loss solutions and treatments, including scalp scar repair, hair transplant scar cover ups, alopecia tattoo treatments, body scar camouflage, and more. We are the leading provider of scalp micropigmentation services in Austin, and we have over 30 years of experience in the industry. We use the latest technologies and techniques to provide our clients with the best possible results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!
Hair loss is a problem that affects both men and women, and can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, aging, illness, and medications. While there are a number of hair loss treatments available, not all of them are right for everyone. If you’re looking for a hair loss treatment that is effective and tailored to your individual needs, Ink Scalp Goddess in Austin, Texas is the perfect choice. We offer a variety of smp services that can help to restore your hairline and give you back your confidence. Our highly skilled and experienced smp tattoo artist will work with you to create a natural-looking result that is perfect for your specific situation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and be sure to mention our $200 discount for new clients. You won’t regret choosing Ink Scalp Goddess for all of your hair loss needs.


Our SMP Clinic Services

Over the past 26 years in the industry, we have developed a complete range of cosmetic and scalp micropigmentation services that can provide a fresh look and remove any noticeable marks from your body. Such services can benefit people trying to hide permanent bruises, cuts or scars from surgery and injuries. Additionally, our service range is currently comprehensive, including the use of many techniques that require years to perfect. As the market leader in scalp micropigmentation and related services, we take pride in helping our clients through non-invasive, safe and affordable methods to improve their appearance. Most of our services offer long-lasting results that require minimal maintenance. Check out the complete list below and book our services today to improve your outlook, boost your confidence and become the best version of yourself.

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Losing hair is natural as you age. Plus, many illnesses can cause early hair fall issues. However, one quick and effective solution to improve your outlook is SMP. Here, hairlike lines are created through layered dots that can mimic the scalp’s natural shadow. Get natural-looking definition and depth today for your empty scalp areas.
Often, a scalp micropigmentation job done by unskilled or inexperienced professional can lead to unsatisfactory results. Additionally, it may lead to scars or visible marks on your scalp as well. In case you have faced such an issue, Ink Scalp Goddess is available to help you out. We specialize in SMP repair services to help correct a botched SMP procedure and help enhance your appearance significantly.
Surgical hair transplant often leaves a noticeable scar on your head, which can be a source of discomfort. Plus, aging may lead to a sagging and larger scar as well. Consider trying our hair transplant scar treatment services. Laura uses cosmetic procedures to hide such a scar in no time.
Curing the autoimmune, genetically triggered alopecia can often be a challenge. However, improving your scalp’s outlook through scalp micro pigmentation services is just a few steps away with Ink Scalp Goddess. From Areata to Totalis, all forms of alopecia can be managed through SMP procedures.
Are you tired of applying the same cosmetic procedures or makeup techniques daily? Then, we have got the perfect solution for you! Consider cosmetic permanent makeup services to get a long-term makeup application that eliminates the need for regular application. Most of the techniques we use are through micro-pigmentation methods, helping to offer long-lasting results.
The deficiency of melanocytes can often lead to bleached skin patches. Although permanent corrections of these tattoos may not be possible, a long-lasting and effective procedure to improve the appearance is performed through semi-makeup methods. We neither wash nor fade your skin during the process. Our vitiligo treatment can offer long-lasting results if maintained properly.

Losing a nipple during breast cancer of other illnesses can be a huge trauma for the patient. Concurrently, it can lead to lower self-confidence and may abrupt both routine and sex life. However, Ink Scalp Goddess can help you recover from the situation.We can create an artificial one for you! Cosmetic and makeup procedures are applied to create a secondary nipple mimicking the look and feel of an original one. This treatment is the perfect option to help return your breast to pre-surgery looks.

Body scars are a fairly common effect of many illnesses, injuries, and physical damages. Consequently, they can vary greatly from person to person. However, through our medical tattoo camouflage methods, cosmetic procedures can help hide these body scars for good.
A complete range of facial treatments to help improve your outlook and ensure a lasting impact on your appearance. From micro-needling to anti-aging dermaplaning, our complete range of services is the perfect choice to enhance the way you look.

Our Process

How It Works

Review our complete process on how to get the best of our SMP services. We follow a 3-step process dedicated to proper consultation and planning of the treatment each client requires. For us, cosmetic procedures are not a one-size-fits-all method. Therefore, we encourage every client to reach out and book a private consultation with Laura. Discuss your case with her and work out a plan that best fits your requirements. After all, personalized services often lead to the best results.

Schedule Free Consultation

In person or on Zoom, the best way for me to give you an accurate price for any service is to have a conversation and discuss your needs.


Review Your Treatment Plan

After our consultation, I will send you a treatment plan which will detail out our discussion from your consultation, as well as pricing and scheduling.


Aftercare & Maintenance

Once complete, follow the maintenance plan provided to ensure your new look properly heals. This is very important!


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With 26 years in the permanent makeup industry, I bring the breadth of services and level of expertise unmatched in the Austin, Texas Area!

Makeup has been my life and I constantly am perfecting my many techniques through further education. Microblading, Shading, Nouveau Lashes, 3D Aerolas, not to mention SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation, an amazing confidence booster for men and women!


Let's Have A
Fresh Look

With 26 years in the permanent makeup industry, I bring the breadth of services and level of expertise unmatched in the Austin, Texas Area!

Makeup has been my life and I constantly am perfecting my many techniques through further education. Microblading, Shading, Nouveau Lashes, 3D Aerolas, not to mention SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation, an amazing confidence booster for men and women!


Frequently Asked Questions
Results from this procedure can last for up to 6 years. It’s a type of permanent cosmetic procedure but it won’t last a lifetime. You will need to schedule touch up procedures and maintain good care of your scalp.
Yes the gap between every two sessions is mandatory for the pigment set naturally into the skin of the scalp. Moreover, the practitioner can alter the plan after seeing the results of the first session.

Like any other procedure, certain precautions need to take care of after SMP such as:

  • Avoiding saunas and steam for at least 28 after the final session.
  • Avoid gym and do not lift heavy weights for at least five days after the treatment
  • Avoid swimming
  • Avoid sun exposure for few days.
It is very normal to experience slight redness around the scalp which usually goes away within few days. However, it is advised to keep your scalp dry for a few days and does not shave or scrub your head for the best healing.
In order to prevent any potential complications or side effects, it is advised to go to an expert practitioner and take good care of your scalp micropigmentation treatment. If your practitioner has recommended some calming cream to avoid any infections, do not forget to apply it on your scalp on daily basis or as prescribed by your practitioner. Your scalp may feel a little itchy but do not scratch your scalp.
The results of SMP treatment usually lasts for years; however additional touch up sessions might be needed by the client to maintain the results. As it is a natural phenomenon that skin exfoliates itself so the color might fade with time and in dark skin people fading process might occur even faster. Moreover, it is recommended to avoid direct sun exposure at least for a few days after the treatment as nothing can fade the newly done SMP other than strong and harmful UVA rays.
Yes, it is strongly recommended that you begin treating your scalp immediately after your SMP treatment with the ointment we provide at Ink Scalp Goddess.
No, the results of scalp micropigmentation do not look fake, if your practitioner is experienced. We have years of experience, and understand how to properly apply SMP so that the results look just like your natural hair!

Yes the scalp micropigmentation is reversible. If you are not happy with the results of scalp micropigmentation treatment, you can get it removed with the help of a tattoo removal laser. Even worse, if you have had a bad SMP job, we also offer scalp micropigmentation scar repair.

Yes absolutely, it is equally beneficial for people with grey hair. Firstly, all clients are required to shave their heads before the procedure. Therefore, when the head is shaved the grey hair would not be visible. Secondly, for people with grey hair, grey-scale pigment is used which can be adjusted according to the actual hair color so that the pigment blends in well with the hair and give a natural look.

A numbing cream is always applied on the scalp by the practitioner before the treatment to alleviate pain. However, the patient would feel some discomfort which entirely depends on the pain threshold level of the client.
If you have been experiencing continuous hair loss, you must already be looking for a viable way to get your youthful looks back. SMP is definitely worth giving a try because of many reasons. First off, it’s painless and non-surgical and secondly, it offers long-lasting results. You have other options available like a hair transplant and plasma-rich protein injections but we all know that these are only temporary solutions. So, yes if you feel bad about the problem of hair loss, you should give SMP a try.
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