SMP For Tattoo Scars

The process of applying SMP to tattoo scars involves the application of a pigment that is placed on the area to be treated. The procedure should not be done too often because this is a permanent shading effect that will gradually fade away. For this reason, it is important to get SMP for tattoo scars from a good surgeon. If the procedure is not done properly, it can lead to unwanted scars.

Creating a permanent shading effect that fades over time

If you have tattoo scars that you are looking to hide, Scalp MicroPigmentation is a great solution. The procedure creates a shading effect that can fade over time. Rather than a traditional tattoo, SMP uses tiny layered dots to mimic the appearance of hair.

A trained medical technician is able to create a look of thicker, fuller hair. SMP is also a great way to cover unsightly scars and balding.

The procedure works by stippling pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. When applied too deeply, it may become blotchy. A skilled practitioner can ensure the dots blend with your complexion.

SMP can last between four and eight years. A touch-up session is usually necessary every three to four years. However, some patients have reported fading and requiring more touch-ups.

The final results are dependent on the type of ink used. Some artists use different brands of pigments to create the shade. This can result in darker ink.

Reapplying pigment every 7 to 14 days for “sessions” causes scarring

Reapplying pigment every 7 to 14 days is a good idea. After all, you don’t want to go through the effort of creating a tattoo only to have it fade out. The question is, do you have the willpower to do it? The answer to that depends on your lifestyle and your skin type. If you don’t like getting tattoos, you might be better off embracing the new age concept of getting a “session” rather than a permanent tattoo. This will let you decide on your own whether or not you’ll ever regret your decision. This will also let you avoid the pain and expense of a retouch if your tattoo does get worn off.

Reapplying a tiny bottle of saline solution is a painless affair. However, if you are looking to get your money’s worth out of your saline injection, you may have to do a few touch ups to make it look its best.

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