SMP For Tattoo Scars

Getting SMP for tattoo scars is a viable option, but it is important to understand what you are signing up for and what you can expect. While SMP can help to remove unwanted scars, it will not be a permanent solution and you will need to make a commitment to regular maintenance to keep your tattoo looking its best.

Reapplying pigment every 7 to 14 days for “sessions” causes scarring

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Perpetual touchups are required to keep tattoos fresh

Having a permanent body art is one thing, but it does not mean that you should neglect the need for perpetual touchups. Keeping your tattoo looking fresh for a long time is possible with proper care.

You may need a touchup if your tattoo has faded over time or if the details of the design are not clear or sharp. You may also need to touch up a tattoo if you changed the artist who performed the tattoo.

Touchups are often quick jobs that can refresh an old tattoo. Touch ups add color and definition to a tattoo. They can be done for free by some tattoo artists who still operate, but they require that you use their ink and equipment. They may also require that you tip the artist.

After the touchup, you will need to follow the same aftercare as before. Keep the area clean and moisturized, and use a high SPF sunscreen whenever you’re out in the sun. You should also use a generous amount of tattoo aftercare cream daily.

The healing process can take a few weeks to a month. During this time, you should avoid swimming in water as it can wash a lot of ink from your skin. You should also avoid picking at the scabs as this could wash away the ink.


Thousands of men and women have cosmetic problems with their hair and scalp. Hair loss and thinning is a progressive process that often occurs over time. These problems are caused by a number of underlying causes including genetics and dermatologic conditions.

There are a number of treatments available for alopecia, including surgical hair transplants and scalp micropigmentation. The latter procedure can significantly improve cosmetic hair and scalp problems.

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a cosmetic procedure that mimics hair follicles close to the scalp. It can also be used to camouflage scars from hair transplant surgery and to give the appearance of “buzzed” hair.

The procedure involves creating a series of dots using a cosmetic tattoo instrument. Each session can last up to eight hours and may require as many as 40,000 dots to achieve optimal results.

The SMP process is a fairly new modality for cosmetic dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons. The procedure is not used to diagnose or prevent disease, and is instead used to cover thinning areas and to camouflage scars. It is often performed as a standalone procedure or as an adjunctive treatment.

The procedure is performed by using reciprocating needles on a special cosmetic tattoo instrument. The handpiece cycles between 120-150 cycles per second, delivering ink into the skin via surface tension.

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